Monday, August 07, 2006

the wine department passes helfeld safety test

i feel like i just went home.

trader joe's can do that to a girl in a new city. except this was like going home for thanksgiving freshman year, and your parents got new furniture and rented your bedroom out to the mailman.

it was confusing, for sure (basil, near the wine???), but ohhh so comforting to finally make a (major) trader joes trip. of course, one thing never changes: the parking lot is a complete mess; a cop stands near the entrance letting one car in for each that leaves. since the store is on a major street, you can imagine the tj rage this causes.

and the wine department received an A+ on the helfeld safety meter! no errant wine pyramids or lopsided beer trapezoids. all wine was on shelves, with handy wooden guards to ensure zero zinfindel massacres. amy: we're going to tjs when you come visit so we can record your safe and pleasant shopping experience and report back to the friendly cap hill peeps. perhaps they'll see the light and create a more friendly wine department design for all of the trips-a-lot crew.

one thing i was hoping, praying for, that didn't come true: no cheese samples in sf, either. (sigh)

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jini said...

really, all tj's have cops monitoring the entry to the lot? i didn't know that, but now i feel better about the one in slp. we will make a pilgrimage when you come home and find the mailman in your room.