Friday, August 04, 2006

some people may think...

...that the richmond isn't in walking distance to the lower haight.

those people haven't hung with david and sarah.

we started walking at 5 or so. i wanted to show david a hill i walked up and view that resulted. we followed my footsteps, and then took a scrappy detour up a hill we were sure was the edge of buena vista park. we reached the apex of the hill and were welcomed by a stupendous view of the city we now call home (2 weeks!). we attempted to label the neighborhoods of sf, and asked a friendly passerby to fill in the blanks. we continued to believe we were standing on a desolate summit of buena vista park, until we wandered down the hill and met the passerby once again. he shifted our reality when he told us where indeed we were: corona heights.

and then david had a novel idea: burma super star! haven't been to this restaurant in years, and was delighted with his pronouncement. we started walking in the general direction of the richmond, only to find that one must wait over an hour for a table for 2 at this hot spot. undeterred, we wandered to a turkish restaurant, and went inside.

can't say it was as good as burma super star, but it sure didn't suck. and then we capped off the night by walking the 2.5 miles home.

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