Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunny sunday explorations

wow. today was a full day of fun! i started the day off enjoying the ny times on the couch while david worked at a cafe. lazy sundays with the times are top-rate in my world.

after david returned, we decided that bikes and golden gate park were in our near future. i'm not a confident urban biker, but i felt it was time i join the denizens of bikers in sf and see if i too can be like them.

i can!

we chose a low-traffic route to the park, and it was delightful. once at the park, we saw groves and groves of eucalypti, long-necked sunning turtles, the deyoung grounds with an enchanting andy goldsworthy installation (fans of A.G., check out the video), lawn bowling, soccer, baseball, beauty around every corner, and the BEACH! david's spidey beach sense led us there, and oh my gosh. we saw the pacific ocean, complete with boardwalk and dramatic cliffs all on our bikes. man, i love this city. what a tremendous day!

and, we found a lot more places in the park we'd like to explore further. i'm excited to spend time at the deyoung and the botanical gardens, i love the japanese tea garden, can't wait to find those elusive buffalo, and look forward to a picnic by a lake.

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