Friday, July 28, 2006

newsflash: david and sarah single-handedly fund the lower haight's parking budget

in one day: 75 bucks

and the day ain't ovah yet.

first ticket
an honest mistake: david parked the car where street cleaning takes place. sf streets are REALLY clean. every inch of drivable sf is attended to each week. but sparkling streets have a price: 40 bucks, to be exact. or at least that's how much you spend when rules aren't obeyed. i heard the super-loud cleaner coming down our street this morning, and since david parked the car, i wasn't sure if there was a problem. just in case, i looked out the window and spied a barren street, 'cept for a lonely red forester. caught in a meeting, i couldn't change out of my pj's and race outside. i quickly e-mailed david, who was nearby at a cafe. he must've busted a move, because soon i saw him opening the car door.

but first, i saw him take a piece of paper off the windshield. DRAT!

second ticket
two hours later, i walked down the street to move the car again, and saw yet another suspicious piece of paper fastened to my car. for 35 bucks, david and i bought an answer for our impending california driver's test: on all hills with more than a 3% grade, all cars must have tires pointed toward the curb. the infraction? STRAIGHT TIRES. i couldn't believe it! the parking brake was set, but to no avail. sf'ers are serious about their hills, and now we are, too.

welcome to the neighborhood!

1 comment:

david silver said...

you didn't mention that i also parked the car for the second ticket.

an expensive lesson but that'll be the last damn ticket ... this week.

we need a) a permit or b) one less car.