Monday, September 17, 2012

on training

we're in the throes of what is commonly called "potty training." like our challenges with sleep training, it boggles the mind how something so simple, so fundamental to operating in our first world can be so mystifying, so needy of training.

like others, this training episode stretches my patience, my reserves, and my ability to problem solve. i'm lucky to be a pretty patient person, as the amount of screaming and general grouchiness in our house has definitely skipped way past the bell curve. and in my moments of stretch, where i grasp for that nugget that might ease the tension and limit the howls, i've dreamed up some pretty fun stories.

"baba wore diapers, too!" (or, "what did baba look like when she was your age?")

"nene used the potty, too" (or, "did she flush?")

"paul was small once" (or, "was he born with really long hair in a braid?")

in the whip's world, both baba and paul were "teeny tiny" (that is, about the size of her fist). and in the case of nene's prowess on the potty, i'm hoping to use that one again and again. who knew i'd unearth that time in my life some 15 years ago to help our daughter do it too? totally great. nene would be so pissed. (ha!)

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jini said...

she really really would be pissed. i was her grandmother too. ;)