Tuesday, September 04, 2012

dear s, on your first day of school

when i imagine what it might be like for you on your first day of school, i smile. you're ready for the adventure, for the new friends, and for the challenges that lay before you. i think i am, too.

on that first visit to your school, you entered your new classroom and walked straight to a toy that interested you. you wanted to explore it all by yourself. your teacher, sarah, kneeled down, and introduced herself to you. it was at that point that i got misty. i was so proud of you. so independent, so strong, so curious. here was this new person in your orbit, and you talked to her, asked questions, and expressed yourself. i loved seeing you hold your own that night, and i'm certain these skills you inhabit will serve you well tomorrow, and into the future.

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jini said...

very sweet, sarah. i got teary thinking of siena marching off and then remembered when you did the same. love you