Tuesday, June 02, 2009


people stare at me now. i know, because i catch them. both men and women are transfixed by my girth. they also smile when i catch them; i like that a lot. there's something about a pregnant lady that makes people happy, and when that emotion is shared, it's a welcome surprise.

men don't give up their seats on BART unless requested directly. i haven't yet asked a man, but my friend kevin has, and they move quickly when he does it. the other day i was focused on getting a seat--any seat--fast, and when i saw a man move, i ducked, swiveled, and pivoted into the vacant seat, only to see that he was giving it up for ANOTHER pregnant lady. i couldn't believe i had stolen one of my peep's seats. even more astounding was that she registered my seniority in trimesters, nodded, and gave me the look that everything was ok.

and then a woman offered her a seat.


Amy said...

I still crack up about the woman who asked you, from her car, if you knew you were pregnent. Even better, when she said it was a beautiful thing.

pb said...

Hope you find that mothering is often a 'team' activity. Another mom (who was traveling without her children) once pushed Maya in the stroller while I ran with Kenzie to catch a connection!

jini said...

very cool. i like that other women recognize your seniority! nice.