Thursday, June 11, 2009


organic, pvc-free, pesticide free... these topics invade my brain. mattresses, changing pads, bath tubs, clothing, sheets--all of these items run the risk of having nasty stuff lurking inside that affect lil' ones. so i research. and learn. and search. and compare. and my list grows.

not to mention the lil' one. she's growing, too. and movin' and groovin'--oh my! the other day, my dr. said, "you're all baby. you've got about 3 fats cells in between her and your skin" as she moved about punching the mic up and down while we listened to her heartbeat. her propensity to lean left also continues (as lynne commented on a photo). the bigger i get, the more obvious her left-leaning ways. :)


Stephanie Gerding said...

Incredible and beautiful! My fave pics yet! And yes, there is lots to learn but it will all be ok, and love, patience, respect, and laughter will get you through it!

sarah said...

you're very sweet, stephanie. and might i add, "with a little help from my friends?" (especially those with experience!)


~pb said...

You look great Sarah-
and your friends with a bit of experience promise to support you through this journey-even from miles away!