Saturday, August 02, 2008

dude, where's my tv?

the impending digital tv transition has been the topic of a few recent conversations. one, it seems as though the people we know don't actually know about what's to happen in early '09. most have newer, fancier, flatter tvs than we do.

as we're not a part of that set, i signed up for my gov't-sponsored rebate program. this rebate has been the stuff of flummox. why would our government subsidize tv? why spend oodles of money on psas, direct mail, and debit card processing (no paper checks--credit cards)? you'd think they were selling... oh right, tv.

david picked up the converter at best buy-- a traumatic event in itself--and the box has sat in our back room, unopened

until last night. none of the literature listed any side effects to installing it pre-conversion, so i thought i'd try it out. what happened was unexpected: our 4-channel existence was altered by 400%. we now have access to around 40-50 clear-reception channels. huh? seems that this digital thing is more than improved pixels. i smell danger. i'm not sure i like this. where's my remote?


Ivan Chew said...

I caught the ad in my hotel room in Quebec City. First thing that came to mind: "V for Vendetta"! But I suspect the reason (for the govt prg) is that TV is such a big part of one's lifestyle. If the citizenry suddenly find their TVs not being able to receive anything, there might be complaints of such magnitude the govt might lose votes. :)

sarah said...

yep, that's what we've come to, ivan.... taxes and tv = revolt.