Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry sustainable x-mas

this year, i challenged myself to give only gifts that were handmade. soon after concocting this idea, i realized that perhaps i didn't have enough time to make it happen, so i modified my challenge to also include gifts that were locally made, recycled, reused, or sustainable.

and i did it--pretty much. a couple goodies didn't fall into these categories, but i still feel good about my giving this year. all wrapping was also reused--something i've done for years now. i just finished wrapping up everything, and this one was my fave:

who's the lucky one to receive this beaut?


jewlee said...

Who got the gift?

sarah said...

mmmm.... as the first one to ask, i'll let you know that it's someone who:

1. has dark brown hair
2. lives in colorado
3. wears glasses