Tuesday, October 23, 2007

roomies unite virtually

recently, my college roomies and i reunited online. i'd stayed in good contact with one, but the other was completely absent from both of our lives for the past 13 years. when we got back in touch, we shared a truncated version of what had transpired during this time, and it was truly...


it was remarkable because we were each honest and humble in relating our stories. there were no, "i did this," or "i'm this great, because..." or trying to one up each other with tales of grandeur. it was disconcerting at times, as all of us had different stripes of hardship--death, illness, divorce--and we all supported each other, just as we would have when we lived on the 2nd floor of that old yellow house.

this photo was taken our senior year, final semester. and yes, we HAVE changed, thankfully.


PB said...

We have certainly changed, evolved, grown, but can chat for 3 hours, and still have more to talk about! It was great to catch up! Maybe someday we will find ourselves on the porch of that big yellow house again!

jini said...

look at all of that hair on those sweet young women! amazing.