Monday, October 29, 2007

food is fun.

we've had visitors--from mpls and seattle--and with each, we've found ourselves on a culinary tour of sorts, including spots we hold near and dear. we took lynne and chris to zazie and mom to a spot we've come to love in our hood. their first night here, lynne, chris, david, and i wandered to el metate for an authentic mexican meal, and found remnants of a second visit when we returned from work this evening. a weekday breakfast overlooking the gate to chinatown with mom was decadent and quite grown up, and last night, tapas was the focus, so we directed our palate toward a spot jay recommended before we moved to the city. an uncustomary stop at a south indian spot for brunch was superb, and an assortment of california cheeses complemented by a perfectly ripe pear was an apt post-flight snack.

we should have peeps visit more often :)
(read: that's an open invitation!)


jewlee said...

...I'm thinking February

Jay Fienberg said...

Was Esperpento great?

We were just in NYC and made a point to go a place that's similar to Esperpento, because we're lacking any place here in Seattle that gives the food+vibe we used to get at Esperpento when we lived nearby.

I hope to visit y'all again sooner than later--maybe Spring? Hope you're coming up here soon (hint... early December... my birthday party... invites going out soon... note... you are invited... and... it'd be great if you came!!!)

Amy said...

Zazie....what a great night.

sarah said...

hi jay,
esperpento was pretty great--the anchovies weren't terrific, but the lamb stew was scrumptious, the alcachofas were sublime (as always!), david loved the croquettas (they never do it for me), and above all, the company was splendid. what a great place to bring good friends!