Sunday, September 23, 2007

thou shall not steal, i mean...

i follow a lot a library blogs and library listervs. Every so often, I'll read about a protestation over a book's content, but this one caused me to pause: "Maine Patron Keeps Library Book."

This is not your average protest. Rather than burning or demanding the book be pulled from the shelves, she checked it out--multiple copies from two branches--and refused to return them. In a conciliatory turn, she wrote out a check for the amount of the books, and sent it to the library with a letter explaining her actions.

I can imagine the puzzled looks and head scratching that followed.

What do you do? In this case, the library returned her check along with a form to register her complaints, and asked that the books be returned. The patron refused.

The result of all this silliness? The book is in high demand, of course.

For more in this story, read the article in the Portland Press Herald.

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jini said...

hard to understand. why not just leave the book in the library if you object to the content for your own children? why try to control access for everyone else? this behavior is a mystery to me.