Monday, September 24, 2007

the kids are alright.

the past few days have been filled with kids: birthdays, updates, and new families.

for the family, it's yet another cutie of a nephew turning a year older and a twin who decided it was time to stand up and check out his brother. for my college roomie, it's a sweet photo of mom and her adorable daughters, and for the biggest surprise yet (and one that got me all teary), my dear friends welcomed two sweet boys into their lives who now have the coolest dads ever. :)


david silver said...


jewlee said...

what lil' cuties. Hey Beark....try and call me this afternoon. I'll be done with work around 3. i love you! Du

jini said...

what great pictures. pattie's little girl has kept that fantastic red hair and the standing little guy looks absolutely delighted with himself and his twin!