Sunday, September 02, 2007

i'll be somewhere else for a bit.

i've been pretty busy and having a bunch of fun preparing for a trip. a cool trip. a super rad magic bus trip!

here's the deal. i work on a project that helps libraries maintain and support their public computers. in a nutshell, we talk to librarians all the time and share their stories, tips, and techniques on our web site, in articles, and in free guides you can download from our site. so many times there's someone out there who has figured out a practical way around an issue, and we try to capture those moments and share them with public libraries--and with everyone. right now, we're focusing on the most rural and isolated libraries--often the most underserved and underfunded.

another local non-profit and new kind of library, the internet archive, also supports public libraries by scanning and making available for free books in the public domain. the organization has a bookmobile they use to raise awareness of the public domain, and to show how books are made. this bookmobile doesn't have books inside, but can download and MAKE books in minutes. this bookmobile hasn't seen much action lately.

until now.

to promote and support the libraries that are doing the hard work in rural northern california, we're taking the bookmobile on the road for the next two weeks, talking with librarians and staff members and sharing the incredible work each library is doing to keep public computers available and access to information free. each day, we'll arrive at a library in the bookmobile, demonstrate how books are made, and print and distribute free books filled with practical tips and techniques from public libraries along with free books from the public domain. cool.

keep up with my travels and check out the photos!


kq said...

awesome work. thanks for sharing the work and the news. i look forward to learning more about how this develops.

nancy said...

Sarah- What a great trip! I'll be following your travels.