Sunday, August 26, 2007

earrings from an 8 year old

at david's nephew's birthday party, the newly minted 8 year old ran up to me, gave me a hurried, yet firm and loving hug, and then announced he had something for me.

he dropped to his knees, grasped at his jeans pocket, and started knocking a metal container on the sidewalk to empty its contents.

a bit about this 8 year old: the two of us talk crafts when we see each other. both of us are usually considering a new project, and this time, he shared his latest with me, as a gift.

he made the fimo beads and crafted them into earrings. they're precious.

i love them.


Crispin Thurlow said...

And such an elegant neck too!

jini said...

oh sarah, that is the best gift ever. lovely earrings that hang JUST RIGHT. i can't wait to meet him and see his latest creation. love,

sarah said...

crispin: you are very sweet.

jini: you're right: it's the best sort of gift. and you'll adore him, i'm sure of it.

nancy said...

Just showed Aleks this post. The earrings look great!