Tuesday, June 12, 2007

space on my mind

we're on a hunt for a place to live. i'm fairly particular about where i call home, but when i deconstruct my requirements, it all comes down to comfort. you could call it feng shui, but i like to consider it a house-like footprint. older apartments and houses--especially apartments crafted out of houses--can be pretty catty whompus. rooms appearing out of order, mishapen spaces, dining rooms turned into bedrooms... i feel instantly uncomfortable in those homes.

i've also been thinking about space. how much do we need? which rooms do we require? which rooms can be meager? i'd love a dining room, but i can live with an eat-in kitchen. i don't care too much about the bedroom size, but i need either 2 bedrooms, or 1 bedroom and a small den. a living room with big windows and a bathroom with a tub is required. a yard would be so delightful i can hardly imagine it, and laundry in the building... oh how i miss that luxury now.

after looking online for a pad, i read an article about a writer who inhabits in a small studio in manhattan. her bed is her living room and her office--she works, watches tv, and sleeps there. i finished the piece wondering if i require too much. could i live in a smaller space with another person?



anastasia said...

Having done three rounds of house hunting in SF, I don't think you require too much...your place is out there (and really your requirements are pretty minimal -- you should have seen my list!). Being clear about what you want is definitely the first step; just keep looking and don't settle for less - you'll find it.

sarah said...

thanks, anastasia, that makes me feel better. i worry about the settling part, especially b/c it seems like there aren't many cool spots out there. it's true, my list isn't too lengthy. i mean, on my list is big windows, wood floors, laundry onsite, and a nice spot for nene to call home. that's it. :)