Saturday, June 16, 2007

i do what?

not so long ago, d and i were listening to tunes on my mp3 player, and he smirked, "all you listen to is male angst."

it was true... ben gibbard, sam prekop, pinback, american analog set, iron and wine/calexico... what happened to the ladies? since when do i focus on the dudes?

sf is a sad sad radio town. i used to relegate my buddies to music snobdom when they'd complain of of the music drought in the city. when i arrived, i blazed my own trail and discovered the empty chasm they railed against did indeed exist.

unable to rely on the radio (ahhh kexp how i miss finding you on my dial!), i depend on reviews, connections users make, and downloads on

today i made friends with ivy and palomar. oh, and bertrand burgalat... can't say no to a frenchman!

(amy: listen to whatever happened to all our pioneers--> delicious like tahiti 80!)


Amy said...

Ok, the feel good CDs of the summer are The Rosebuds and Fujiya & Miyagi! Both are in serious rotation in my CD player and MP3 player.

Pattie said...

Try streaming
Let me know what you think-it is an interesting mix of music from the Asheville NC area.