Monday, June 04, 2007

dog love

my sister is pretty incredible.

she's also hilarious.

and a genius at orchestrating situations for the greater good.

she has five roommates: ruby gup, lil' gum, akai, durka durka, and bobo, all dogs, all special in their own way. i cannot stress the special part enough. my sister rescues and adopts dogs in pretty bad shape, often elderly, infirm, and unloved.

unloved until she welcomes them into her home.

as i mentioned, she's pretty hilarious, which is useful when you have a motley crue of dogs cycling through your apartment. she recently lost one of her animals, and expects another to soon follow. when she shared this with me, she mused that she had her eye on a hard luck dog on the east coast. she said, "i have two spots on the B Team to fill." i asked her to repeat what she had said, and she explained that the A Team are the two dogs who are healthy and keep the crew spunky and lively. The B Team are dogs like BoBo, a teenaged poodle who suffers from cataracts and is completely blind, or Lil' Gum who snaps and growls, baring her two teeth, and who recently lost movement in her back legs.

and then the genius part: when she owned a natural food store, she orchestrated a deal with an organic pet food dealer to provide wholesale dog food in exchange for a a generous amount of business. this food now feeds her dogs. the local vet pays for all shots and procedures, and others supplement costs when she travels to rescue a dog.

this is a labor of love. she doesn't get paid, and yet she's rich with resources and support. i admire her quite a bit.

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jewlee said...

I love you so much Beark