Thursday, March 08, 2007

someone put something stupid in front of my house

my buddy chris recently visited my hometown and was kind enough to snap a shot of the house in which i spent my formative years. you can imagine my reaction


when i saw this:

ahhh, midwestern aesthetic. gotta love it.


david silver said...

i have a literal question: what is it?

is it for shade? vines? outside meals?

i'm confused.

i dig the snow, though.

jini said...

i saw it this summer, and it is very TALL. they have a patio type area in front of the house under the arbor thingie with a table and chairs. in my view, the height is a tad overwhelming, but it was a good idea. there weren't vines when i saw it.
it's nice to see the old place and remember what was inside all the windows. how nice of chris.

Lynne said...

It's a pergola and it's especially classy in that context.