Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i'm in spain!

and i'm using a french keyboard, so this is difficult.

we are having a tremendous time. our friends david and maria are showing us their madrid--tomorrow we will see their andulucia and perhaps portugal. we have eaten more food and drank more vino than i thought possible, but siestas have helped :)

also visiting our friends is our new friend alex, from toulouse. i must leave now--david is going to teach me how to make paella for our lunch!


david silver said...

and what a delicious paella it was.


jini said...

and next time we see you i want paella for lunch too. i'm so glad you are having a marvelous time!

Lynne said...

pictures please

nancy said...

i miss spain! i'm so happy for you both that you're there! do yourselves a favor when you venture down to andalucia and try to find time for quaint sevilla (a charming city and some of the best tapas in spain). and if you can get to salema in the algarve you won’t regret it. my apologies for the unsolicited advice, but i have such warm memories of those places that i want others to experience the joy and wonder! :) looking forward to living vicariously as you relay more from your trip! enjoy!