Wednesday, January 10, 2007

buddies visit the city

in the last week, 2 buddies have graced our little corner of the city.

becky and her fam vacationed here for a week. lucky for me, she squeezed me into their busy schedule, which included a long-awaited introduction to her parents and brother. here we are, singing in the rain:

and then my buddy ryan made a whirlwind stop on the most gorgeous of days, which made him a bit teary. our afternoon was spent burritoing and shopping; the former was a success, the latter, sadly, did not pan out as expected. next time we promise to carve out some time to consult sf fashion expert jay f on the best spots (beyond kweejibo, which was an imperfect delight). our day was not without a learning moment: the current trends in the city appeal to the underfed herion chic (didn't we endure that years ago?). here we are, pre burrito and shopping (observe the hunger in his eyes):


david silver said...

burritoing - great word.

jini said...

what, no hacky sacking?

44th said...

ahhh, i miss it already. what a great visit! so much fun to see you guys.

44th said...

that was from me, becky. apparently in an attempt to be secretive, i've used an ordinal as my "identity"

sarah said...

ahhh, beedub! i thought for a moment you were a nasty spammer!

i forgot to mention (among other things) that my two buddies converged one day!

miss you, bw.

Jay Fienberg said...

I am the wrong person to ask about clothes shopping. Anastasia, on the other hand, would be good to ask.

(Note about Kweejibo: it's my favorite shirt store because they usually have at least one shirt that fits me and that I really love. But, it's maybe not otherwise a good place to go "shopping.")

So, we're just about to book our tickets to SF--we're coming to visit early April :-)

sarah said...

jay, your modesty is an admirable trait. even though you may not believe you have fashion skillz, there are others who agree you have the touch.

and kweejibo was pretty great, just didn't align with the athelete physique.

excellent that you and A are trekking southward! can't wait to see you two.

david silver said...

jay, while in town, ryan gave me a high, high compliment: he said that my sweater looked "like something jay would wear." we agreed that that was high, high praise.