Monday, January 01, 2007

books on my mind

i read books in spurts and fits, mostly, and maintain a steady flow of other formats in between. i started The Time Traveler's Wife (TTTW) on x-mas eve, expecting it to be a good read for my trip home-- which it was--and as the pages read outweighed those remaining, i began to deal with the impending loss by slowing my pace, and considering the next suspect.

david suggested Franny and Zooey by Salinger, and i took a tip from the pages of TTTW and considered Possession, by A.S. Byatt (a quote from this text appeared in TTTW). not one to stick with primary sources, i consulted the tried and true library thing, and was told that people who own TTTW also have The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. one step further down the information highway, what should i read next? told me that Children of God by Mary Doria Russell is a fine selection after finishing TTTW. and then the critics: i disregarded my primary goal of linking TTTW to my next read, and asked the experts at critical mass. after following a link to the la weekly, i added Alice McDermott's After This to my library hold list.

since finishing TTTW today, i've been proccessing this truly engaging and compelling story by reading author interviews and re-reading the first few chapters. tomorrow i'm off to the library to pick up After This--unless Franny and Zooey captures my attention first!


anastasia said...

Another recommendation to put on your list: I just read "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" by Marissa Pessl and really enjoyed it.

sarah said...

cool! i'll check it out. thanks, a!

pattie said...

i posted a comment yesterday (at least I THOUGHT i posted!). oh well-in summary;
i enjoyed the book 'the lovely bones' with a group of women a few summers ago (this was a great group until we all gave birth).
another great book-consuming kids by susan linn. all about media and children, and i don't believe you need to be a parent to enjoy it.
my other point was HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i was thinking of you, went to the blog with intentions of calling you later, only to be totally engrossed in lee's website. sorry sarah! i spent HOURS pouring over that site this weekend. it was better than cable TV!
so, happy BELATED birthday and welcome to 35!

Lee said...

Wow. "better than cable TV". That has to be the best compliment I've heard about our little site. Thanks Pattie! :)