Sunday, December 24, 2006

5 things about me

i've been tagged to tell 5 things about myself by my buddy lee, who, with his wife, just spent 366 days travelling around the world (if you haven't checked out his site, do it now!).

i'm crafty. i like to create things with yarn, fabric, thread, paper, paste, and sparkly things.

i celebrate my bedhead. having short hair has meant many opportunities to amaze and impress those lucky enough to see me in the morning.

i don't swim. i attribute this to growing up in a land-locked state (although i've heard that others from my homestate triumphed over this deficiency).

i like silence. the gaps in between are sometimes the most interesting.

i would've been forever changed if. i came close (rumor has it) to making the cheerleading squad in ninth grade.


Ryan said...

You don't swim? Don't? I never would have guessed!

sarah said...

life jackets are my friends, it's true. i took beginner lessons a few times as a kid (the third time around was tough; i was the oldest kid by far). i'm a decent back floater if needs be, but i really prefer staying near the water, not in it.

david silver said...

i wanna teach sarah how to boogieboard in the deep blue ocean this summer. it will require semi-swimming.

nance said...

Okay, so I'm also shocked that you don't swim. I'm still happy to be your friend.
But what I really want to comment on is Lee LeFever's blog. Ditto, ditto, ditto on Sarah's recommendation to check it out. Even more so, I found some interesting info/links from his work website: .
I do my best surfing when I'm supposed to be working, which is right now :) Thanks, Swashy.