Tuesday, November 21, 2006

whereohwhere did the sun go?

that'd be in seattle.

i just learned from kevin cole (man, i miss him!) on kexp in seattle that november 2006 is about to break all records for the wet stuff. drag. here's what seattle looks like from the top of the space needle right now:

the splotches on the photo are rain drops.

here's what san francisco looks like from my living room right now:

oh, and my windows are open. it's 63 and sunny!


Ryan said...

OMG i hate u

sarah said...

i was afraid of that.

david silver said...

dang, sarah, that's cold. wait, no, seattle is that which is cold.

and rainy.

jini said...

it's not nice to gloat.

Jay Fienberg said...

Good Sarah--these are your nice summer days, and you need to savor them while you still have them ;-)

And, thanks for spreading the propoganda about how miserable and rainy Seattle is!

Michelle said...

I'm so envious. Here in Denmark, it's the time of year known as light gray.

sarah said...

light gray? how civilized of you europeans :)