Tuesday, November 07, 2006

make it happen

david and i are watching the local channels, vying for national election news (we're not that interested in ca politics right now, and are frankly amazed by some of the turnouts that favor the lumbering elephants--what gives???).

tonight, as the votes are counted and the prospects are positive, i'm hopeful that the new leaders will move our country out of the morass in which we're sinking. it will take work from those warming their new seats AND from us. props out to my buddies who are making a difference right now in their hometowns:

pattie, for taking time to inform her community about local judicial races
david, for being part of an important election night, envigorating new voters
mom, for working 17 hours today as a poll worker (and many years in a row!)
dan, for supporting same sex adoption and foster care in a VERY conservative region.

i'm proud to know all of you. keep it up!

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Dan Beatty said...

Hi Sarah--it's your friend Dan from a very conservative part of North Carolina (and you thought IOWA was conservative?!)

I sent the following e-mail to you just a minute ago, then viewed your blog here and realized I can post it here as well! It will fully show how excited I am about these elections! And, no, it is NOT satire--it is really and truly my views (shared by millions of other Democrats nationwide):

Hello Sarah. It was quite a night for the Dems! It sure looks like
everything, including Virginia, fell our way. I'm so excited! Now we can
FINALLY get our liberal agenda passed in the next few years--welfare checks
for all crack smokers, drive-thru abortion clinics, locking up kids for
praying (to themselves) in public schools (especially if they don't take the
condoms we force upon them), helping the terrorists defeat those who love
freedom, and, of course, the obligatory sodomy in the streets. Boy, I just
can't WAIT to convert mild-mannered and unsuspecting Christian children into
latent homosexuality (when would be the best time to do this? Maybe during
our masterminded "war on Christmas?").
Take care, Sarah!
Dan Beatty