Wednesday, October 04, 2006

finally. a voice of reason on national tv

i've become a cbs news watcher.

it all started on the eve of katie couric's grand debut, while watching an excoriating analysis of "personality-driven" news on the lehrer report. mid-way through the report, i yelled at the tv, "just say it, it's because she's The First Woman to anchor the news alone, sexist!"

i was fuming. and annoyed that the lehrer report journalist didn't press this expert on his views, when it was so obvious his analysis was dripping in sexism.

so i became an avid katie couric fan, giving her props for her unique and sometimes casual style that may be a result of her gender, but certainly shouldn't be dismissed. she IS experienced, after all.

and then today, bob schieffer offered a thoughtful and firm opinion on the foley scandal. it's about time the national news allows one of its own to speak up in the haze of lies, spin, and career-saving strategies.

keep it comin', cbs.


Lynne Faulk said...

Bob's contrasting collar/shirt combo is fab! Also, his skin is looking really great, do you think he's using botox?

sarah said...

lynne, you're hilarious. i'm laughing out loud :)

david silver said...

bob schieffer rules. that clip sums it all up in less than a minute.

This sorry story is not the first sign of a new sex scandal. It is just further evidence of a Congress that has lost its way.

rock on bob shieffer.