Tuesday, August 01, 2006

today i barely left the house

turns out that after getting this temporary parking permit settled so i'm not burdened with moving the car every two hours, i have no reason to leave my apartment.

i'm not really serious, but i do tend to stay in my living room and work, rather than get out and work at a cafe or library. due to the comforts of my couch and the fact that sometimes i don't shower until 2:00 (like today), staying close to home seems like the right thing to do.

so i worked and chatted with mom and dad on the webcam. the first time mom and i talked, i was in the robe karen made for me, and by the second conversation, i was showered and dressed. they were impressed by the improvement. :)

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jini said...

excuse me, but it's hard to improve on the (expletive deleted) robe that karen made. love, mom