Sunday, August 20, 2006

info-gathering and the giants game

today was a big day for david and me: we rode the muni train for the first time! our world has expanded. we arrived at the stadium in 10 minutes flat. we can now jaunt to north beach for a capuccino. we can go downtown, we can visit friends in south san francisco, we can DO ANYTHING.

what a breeze this public transport thing is. i was so sure there was a hook, some insider knowledge we'd nab only by jumping in, but what we found was that it was like any other city bus: you pay, you ride. hip, hip, hooray!

oh yeah, and we went to the giants/dodgers game today! we, being jeff and steve (david's in-laws) and david and me. it was a lot of fun and after downing a guinness and eating the biggest hotdog i've ever seen, i'm never eating again :)


jini said...

the city is now YOURS. yea!

Jay Fienberg said...

The MUNI trains--especially the nice gray ones made in Turin, are the key!

sarah said...

ohhhhh... sounds fancy, jay. i will certainly be on the lookout. will i know just by looking at them?

Jay Fienberg said...

Most of the J through N trains that you see at any time will be the "gray ones" I was referring to. When you are riding a train, keep an eye out for a fancy crest / code of arms, with the name of an Italian company and city.

I think they're actually made by one of the factories that used to make Ferraris.

MUNI might still run some of the older white and orange trains on the K or L lines.

Then, the F line is all restored street cars from around the US. You'll see them riding up and down Market. They're great history--when other cities were throwing away their street cars, some folks in SF were buying them, restoring them, and keeping them running on the F-line.