Saturday, August 19, 2006

david's official first day

well, he hasn't yet begun teaching, but he did complete his orientation, which was capped off with a dinner where peeps like me were invited. i arrived at usf early and snooped around, taking pictures of lone mountain.

lone mountain is this large hill the usf admin building (also called "lone mountain") is perched upon. it's quite a site--dramatic steps (marked with the standard austere fountain) lead to a spanish-inspired building with manicured lawns and an impressive view of the city.

i wandered through the hallways, checking out classrooms and the view each window provided. at one point, i heard voices outside, and was surprised to see david, chatting it up with his new colleagues and the Jesuits. not to be dissuaded by a momentary pang of voyeurism, i took a shot. (he's the dude with the white shirt)

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