Sunday, July 23, 2006

sf and no pics

i'm here!

and i love it.

much to report, so i'll skip to the cool stuff:
1. trip down south was tremendous. beach, vistas, and a chill nene.
2. moving in was painless. still unpacking, and making serious progress.
3. loving exploring sf. today included dim sum in china town, chillin' in north beach, farmers' market downtown, seedy streets, and tons of walking. yesterday included sushi and a pulsating castro district on a saturday night. the castro theater will occupy a large part of our lives. i'm not sure that david will accompany me, but the west side story sing along is really appealing. :)

once i find my digital camera recharger, i'll post pics of our lives. it's pretty fantastic here in sf!


jini said...

well obviously you are having way too much fun. i am so glad. a little green, but so happy that things are great. love, mom

Michelle said...

Hooray! Glad you made it and are already exploring and enjoying! Can't wait for pix! Love, Michelle

more from michelle said...

Also, do you know what Mabel would give for a West Side Story singalong?

sarah said...

oh my gosh! you know michelle, i have a vivid memory of mabel, on her scooter, going back and forth on the sidewalk in front of you house, singing, "i am sixteen, going on seventeen..."

she sure would love the singalong, wouldn't she? i wish i could take her. can you imagine what it'll be like in the castro? and david said he'd come, too, even though he doesn't know the songs. i told him there'll be words on the screen, karaoke-style. :)