Monday, May 17, 2010

the wind up

it is so worth it to watch this video. she pulls out every single move, and each one serves her well. it's hard to believe that she is already moving so much more than this video illustrates, just a week and a half or so ago. many of these moves are already a memory; she has new ones, now.


jini said...

well, the wind up is a great title... just the wind up to greater things!!? she looks so pleased when she reaches her goal.
i'd love to see a video of what she is doing now.....that sweet little flapping hop was priceless! that was a fun skype call! i posted a bunch of photos on my blog.
love you guys

bck said...

Oh, those sweet cheeks!

Julius (from BMGF) had lunch with Beckett and me the other day as he drove through to OK. He asked if Beckett had had his first laugh and first smile. I said "oh yes" and he said in Navajo culture that is celebrated. It's when the baby becomes a real person. Whoever s/he smiles for has to throw the baby a party! I love the idea! To me first smile has to be up there w/first step and first word in importance. Those smiles change everything :-)

Sandy said...

I found myself cheering for her every step (or scoot)of the way. When she reached her goal the reward for her and for all of us, was a precious, priceless smile.