Sunday, May 30, 2010

believe it

i wondered what we might chat about, and now i know.

today i asked her where her daddy was, and she resolutely turned and pointed to david. it was amazing. since friday, she's been pointing and chatting and really enjoying how this new found skill has changed our relationship with her. she's always been a curious kid, and now when she points, she learns new words, and most importantly, she can signal her needs. this evening, her meal centered around a variety of foods, and when she wanted more of one, she pointed and received. such a gratifying leap for her and for those around her!


jini said...

how exciting for siena and all of her peeps! what fun for her to ask and then to receive. i love it! how nice that her baba got to witness this new trick!! :)

Pattie said...

Cherish each of these bright new moments! Someday these writings will bring tears to your eyes!

Sandy said...

...and when asked "Where is Mommy" - she would point to Sarah and a huge smile would light up her face.