Friday, January 15, 2010

i'm a reader

books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, twitter--i read all formats (yet prefer the type that folds). i also love reading out loud. i loved reading each week to young children in seattle, and when i suggested to david one evening on the oregon coast that we read aloud a book i'd been reading, i fell in love with the words all over again. i had been reading "crossing to safety" by wallace stegner and was enjoying it so much--and felt david would, too--that we started the book from the beginning so we could enjoy reading chapters to each other. it took us a year to read that book, because we decided that it could be read only when we visited the oregon coast. what a dreamy way to spend a year!

fast forward four years: reading aloud has shifted from husband to daughter. siena loves words, pictures, and turning pages. gone are the days (as illustrated in the photo) where books could capture her attention for a few short minutes. oh how grand a life is with books!


Pattie said...

Such fond memories of reading out loud in Dancer Hall!
Fast forward four more years and she will likely be reading to you!

sarah said...

i'm remiss in not mentioning our dave barry read-alouds! so silly and such fun. next time i see you, we're gonna read something HI-larious to each other. the search is on... :)

Sandy said...

I agree with Pattie that in four years, Siena will be reading to you. Right now you have to compete with the wonders of a rotating ceiling fan.

jini said...

siena loves to hear your voices rise and fall to emphasize the words in the stories. it's fun to observe her and watch her follow along.
well, and as sandy mentioned - that eye catching ceiling fan!
do you remember reading the hardy boys on road trips with the fam?? the start of something great. :)

Pattie said...

Yes, indeed, a plan for out-loud reading is in place! Now we need to plan time together!

becky said...

hey dude. i just check out the latest swing vid you posted on flickr and marvel at the growing the kid's been doing since this reading photo was taken. nice work all.