Wednesday, December 09, 2009


today david's cousin stopped by to meet the illustrious siena. she was all smiles, as exhibited here. as with most conversations, the topic turned to parenthood, and something ruben said resonated with me: even though you may think you'll remember many of the special moments, you forget. he admitted that he wished some of those moment were recorded, and it was that statement that influenced this post (and hopefully future ones). thanks, ruben.

today was different. siena smiled more, was mellow for longer periods, and she seemed to genuinely enjoy the greater part of the day. she also hung out on her belly for an extended amount of time, even resting her substantial cheeks on her arms. she appeared quite comfortable, and oddly, grown-up. very sweet.

and then jewlee came over, which is always a highlight for her. and for us. soon it was time for a nap, and she willingly submitted to the swaddle--even pushing to her side so jewlee could get it good n' snug--and then, poof! into (almost*) dreamland.

*ok, there was a bit of crying after that, but the going down episode was definitely a first.

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jini said...

wow, sounds like a very eventful day for little siena. she is growing and changing so very fast! still the sweetie in everything she does. ;)