Thursday, October 15, 2009

newborn psychology

i never imagined how many unknowns this journey would include. i thought i understood the need-based reality of having a newborn, but i didn't realize our days would be filled with questions, with searching for clues, with trials. and errors.

take bottles, for instance. earlier in her life, my daughter took to bottles like it was second nature. no problems there at all. and then we didn't give her a bottle for a spell, and learned quickly that this was a mistake. a big one. she now expects to receive food the old-fashioned way, and is insulted that we would attempt to introduce a facsimile or proxy on my behalf. my husband, my mother, and my sister have all joined the ranks of Those Who Get Screamed At while trying to give her a bottle. the trick is that she drinks a bit without protest at first, but then realizes the trick is on her, and she turns into a kicking-scratching-screaming doppelganger who is not amused. but we continue to try and try again because we're serious about this working.

after one such unfortunate session with her beloved auntie, we decided to completely confuse her by introducing me into the plan. i picked her up, apologized for what i was about to do, while making clear that she really needed to chillax and just take it, and what does she do? drink it all without complaint. not a peep.

since this episode i've become an armchair psychologist, ruminating on what i can learn from her behavior, and how we can encourage her to treat the other, sweeter folks with the kindness she bestowed on me so that her mom can get a break every so often and return to work in the near future.

the lines are open. please share your crazy ideas. :)


Pattie said...

call when you can!
I swear this will be worth it.
And how near is the return to work plan?

sarah said...

wow, i'm super curious! i'll call soon--tomorrow, if i can.

work isn't until 2010, but she's not getting any younger and word on the street is you gotta get this stuff going early.

jini said...

i would say that siena is definitely in charge and we are all her lackeys.
however i would add that she is the most adorable control freak i've ever witnessed. :)

Pattie said...

nice to see in the photos you and siena are getting OUT! Hope the bottle is going better.