Saturday, October 31, 2009

my sister is amazing

these past three weeks have been life-changing.

for me
for my husband
for our daughter
for my sister

my sister moved here just 3 short weeks ago to be nearer to her niece, her sister, and her family. she needed a change, and moving from her home of nearly 20 years gave her just that. it also tore her away from familiarity, from friends, and from her own family. sometimes all that tearing away shows up on her face and in her mood. i wish i could soothe the sadness she feels. all i can offer are hugs, encouragement, and deep love.

today was one of those days. i don't know if a particular exchange influenced or added to her ennui, but what i witnessed was one of those typically uneasy moments when two people meet: "what do you do?"

throughout my life, this question has caused me panic, unease, discomfort. after just graduating college, or figuring out what to do next, or having an impossible-to-describe job, i dreaded this conversation ender.

my sister's exchange, however, was one of beauty. she started off slowly, brushing off the question by mumbling her latest title of restaurant manager. but then she gained confidence, and told the tale of starting her town's first curbside recycling business. and then the natural foods store. and then the bagel shop. "oh, you're an entrepreneur!" her mate exclaimed. "yes, she is!" her proud sister interjected. it was right then and there that i was reminded of how amazing she is. she has experienced so much and achieved more than she realizes. right now she and i are working on her resume, and i'm astonished to learn how much she has to offer her next employer. it isn't just our daughter who will benefit from her amazing-ness.


jini said...

well said, all true and amazing....exactly. both of you are amazing and make me proud. xo

deets said...

As I started reading this, I wondered if it was going to be about my conversation with her...since I asked her the same thing yesterday. I think your sister and I have a lot in common and I can imagine how hard it would be to leave my community hear. I look forward to getting to know both of you more. If I can offer any connections for your sister (which is a pretty vast network--that is one of my things-networking), please let me know!

jewlee said...

I love you Beark