Saturday, June 20, 2009

body lending

today i lent my body to science.

to help 6 to-be midwives learn, i let them poke, prod, and palpate my swelling belly. they were very excited about my state of gestation; turns out they hadn't an opportunity to practice on someone this late in the game and with "this big of a baby."

a few students couldn't find her head, which they assured me didn't mean she was without. :) they invited their teacher to help, who was impressed by how low she is. "this baby is engaged," she told her students. they also had an opportunity to learn what a contraction looks like and feels like, which was a new experience for them.

i benefited too. i had never seen a fetoscope and its predecessor, a cone-shaped instrument. i enjoyed sharing my stories of pregnancy, especially my evolution to being more calm and curious about the birthing process. the students were so respectful; honoring each time they touched me by asking first, and then thanking me. for my time, i was fed, i received a free copy of one of the teacher's books, and i had a unique and fulfilling afternoon.


Karen said...

won't be long now!

sarah said...

nope, not long at all. feeling as though things are picking up.

jini said...

i'm glad you had a good time with the students. i always felt it was pretty special....from both sides of the situation!

Lynne Faulk said...

You are a very funny writer. It does feel like body lending.

Amy said...

com'on Siena!