Saturday, April 04, 2009


there are a couple moves in my future: one pretty cool, one pretty lame. the latter is an office move from a mod, breezy, light-filled area to an old-school gray cube, reminiscent of my first seattle job circa 1998. dang.

i'm committed to breaking up the gray. since the walls are that yucky fabric stuff, my thoughts turn to covering parts with cool fabric or hanging colorful posters. any other suggestions? i've searched online for tips, and one inane article offered that a candy dish and plants spice up the space. yow.

my move needs to happen in the next 2 weeks, and i'd love to have a plan for redecorating before then so i don't have to endure the drabness.


Sara said...

This uber-cheesy book might not help, but it would be a fun read!

Michelle said...

I like the fabric idea. I hate to use the I-word, but Ikea has some fab patterns that would add some color and texture. You could use curtains if you can't find fabric you like. Also, I recommend a warm and inviting lamp -- nothing as dreary as office lighting. But I am sorry you have to contend with this!

sarah said...

hi sara!

nice idea. love it when research sends me to the library. thanks for the tip!

sarah said...


you're right: ikea has cool fabric. perhaps that's the way to go. holl suggested wrapping paper, which i like, 'cept i can imagine tearing it the moment i put it up. thanks!

jini said...

unless ikea is an easy close by jaunt, i could buy something and bring it. check the catalog on-line and choose if that is what you decide. speedy delivery. :)

Jay Fienberg said...

I think your pretty cool move gets you quite close to Stonemountain & Daughter, and that definitely could give you a secret weapon to use against the lameness that makes the other move pretty lame.