Wednesday, April 08, 2009

first class

david and i went on a tour of the birthing center last night. such a unique crowd of attendees--mostly couples, a few singles, and a smattering of what seemed to be parental figures chaperoning their pregnant relatives. david and i were both amused by the real concern displayed around the bathroom (most needed to see it) and the questions about video cameras, digital cameras, and wifi. we were just happy that the rooms seemed pleasant, accommodating, private, and showcased knock-out views of the city. honestly. a billionaire would bulldoze the hospital to sport those breathtaking views of the city and golden gate park. pretty impressive.

other than the rooms, we learned the protocols, met a nurse, and were reassured that they really do know what they're doing. we had a nice chat with a lactation assistant (who was also our tour guide) on the way out, and she wished us well. genuinely.

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