Monday, March 23, 2009

i was driven to my hotel--an hour's drive--by someone who knew a few more english words than my personal spanish vocabulary. it was a comedy of errors. we'd laugh after understanding about 2 words of what each said, and then we'd be quiet for 20 minutes. we drove through many towns, fended off people trying to sell us stuff when we'd slow down, and stopped right next to a truck with a lion, tigers, and a few jaguars behind bars. rodriguez drove a small car, and i sat in the front. it was as if a friend were taking me somewhere... a friend who didn't speak the same language as me.

tonight i ate at the hotel restaurant. at first, i wandered to the bar, believing it was more chill than the white tablecloths, but the bartender didn't speak english, and neither did the menu. if i had been in a different condition, the spanish wouldn't have stopped me, but pragmatism prevailed, so i wandered to the restaurant and was welcomed by english and mole. ahhh, delicious mole. and the sprig of parsley that taunted me... i always eat my garnish! my will was victorious.

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