Thursday, March 19, 2009

larger, slower, feet up

that's what i am.

i strained a muscle last week that's definitely on the mend, but becomes aggravated when i stand up after sitting. in order to prepare for traveling and sitting, i've slowed down, stopped walking so much, and after today, i plan to wear my sneakers as often as possible.

during all of this self-preservation, lots of big, exciting events have cropped up--all at once! tenure, new apartment, cool travel opportunities. march has been crazy, it's true. and also, pretty great.

(thanks for the shot, anastasia!)


Karen said...

What? How did you do that? I guess that is why your hip was hurting while I was there. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

remember......muscles and ligaments become lax, especially approaching the 3rd prep for delivery. Strains are more likely-take care of your body, it is your little one's first home! :)
p.s. do not watch reality tv. read happy books about gentle births, Ida Mae somethings book about natural birth etc. Fill your brain with ++++++++++++++++. The other stuff just sells better on TV! Sadly, people love to watch a stranger's tragedy, don't they?

pattie said...

I didn't intend to be anonymous!


jini said...

you rock ms. anonymous pattie. good are one wise woman. :)

sarah said...

thanks, pattie. i think i did it in yoga. it's weird, though, because it really feels like a muscle, but it is definitely aggravated by sitting down. when i stand up, that's when the aches surface. if i'm moving, i tend to be ok.

Pattie said...

Thanks Jini-that feels good coming from an experienced mom! Seems that wisdom grows with motherhood. And with grandmotherhood...I can only imagine!

pattie said...

Do you know how to stretch your piriformis and IT band??? If that makes no sense, give me a call. I am home, on a Saturday night, creating a blog while I allow my daughters to watch a ridiculous movie. Not earning any motherhood points.