Monday, February 02, 2009

butterflies, bands, and bellies

i've entered the domain of elastic bands, and let me tell you: it's heaven.

until now, i was skeptical about the elastaband pants, but after sliding that soft n' snugly stretchy fabric over my expansion, i was sold. i didn't take them off. i handed over my jeans, and asked the clerk to de-tag me. i was done with low-slung, pinchy pants.

that same day i felt the flutter, the butterflies, the bloop... bloop. so remarkable and amazing and unbelievable to recognize the touch of another being. it's impossible to focus when someone is knocking at the door.


Anonymous said...

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Has it been THAT long and am I THAT bad-feeling that you could possibly have a bun in the over and I don't know! Ack! That means me calling you this week. Stat! (Miss you and David)

Michelle said...

I laughed aloud at the fact that you wouldn't take em off.

Pattie said...

How sweet Sarah! Those butterflies and bloops will fascinate you for the next 20 weeks! I loved your 'knocking at the door' description. Trust me, elastic is your friend ;)

jini said...

ooooh.....i've missed reading your blog this week. elastic and stretchy is indeed your friend for the next few months. it feels so much better than the tight containment.
bloops and flips and summersaults are in your future!
i loved the chat and the sighting.