Saturday, October 04, 2008

i'm insulted by palin's claim that she's from middle america

but i'm beginning to feel a bit better.

maybe it's my friends who typically eschew politics, who are standing up, speaking out, and listening.
maybe it's my friend's southern republican ex-senator father who whole-heartedly supports obama.
maybe it's the 9 point lead.
maybe it's michigan.
maybe it's because mccain disappeared to his ranch this weekend.
maybe it's my mom's recent experience in nebraska:

worried about wearing her obama t-shirt, mom cautiously peppered relatives with covert questions to gauge the political tenor of middle america. she soon learned that all--white, mid-60's, small town folks--were enthusiastic obama supporters. mom quickly and confidently replaced her nebraska football shirt for obama's mug (a symbolic act in itself) and cavorted across nebraska, receiving enthusiastic cheers at a retirement home and nary a jeer at various other locations throughout the heartland.

a red state, mind you.


david silver said...

yes! nice post. and rock on jini for the strategic wardrobe shift.

Stephanie Gerding said...

Great news! Thanks for sharing. We are a split household normally but I think we might be unified this year!! Go Obama!!!

sarah said...

i'm sending good vibes your way to mccain-land, stephanie!

jini said...

i have to admit to wearing my nebraska shirt under the obama shirt. it was a game day for goodness sake! it was gratifying to have unexpected positive comments about obama. really nice.
i am feeling cautiously hopeful right now.

Stephanie Gerding said...

I think it is a good sign that hubbie doesn't take my Obama car magnet off our car when he drives it. :) I don't think he would vote for McCain for goodness sakes, but I'm hoping that he WILL vote for Obama. Go Sarah's Mom. :)

Ivan Chew said...

Interesting... there's so much contextual info in this post and comments. To an outsider like me, there's so much being said, in so little words :)

becky said...

oh man i wish i had one of those shirts to wear around here (northern france). I'm sure I'd be embraced by strangers on the street. To say the least, the French (most of them) desperately want Obama to win.