Wednesday, September 24, 2008

open the box.

i used to be a big fan of pandora. i've talked about it before, and haven't used it much lately, as some peeps turned me on to lastfm a couple years back.

tonight i went to an online community meetup at work where pandora's community manager shared her tips, tricks, and challenges managing their enormous community of music lovers and listeners. i was reminded of the pure joy i experienced the first time i was introduced to the music genome project. i had never spent time considering the attributes that comprise my musical taste, and was surprised and intrigued by pandora's selections for me, as opposed to annoyed by other music sites that based their tune choices on radio play or a malformed "if you like this.. algorithm.

for i like...

minor key tonality
a subtle use of vocal harmonies
mild rhythmic syncopation

it's true. i think i'll listen some more.

and yes, the comm manager is a librarian. love it.


Jay Fienberg said...

When did you first come across the Music Genome Project? Was it when Pandora came out, or earlier?

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I had worked with the company now known as Pandora in 2000-01 (they were called Savage Beast then).

I was very impressed with the library aspects of the Music Genome Project, and always feel lucky that I got such an "inside" peek at it.

sarah said...

hi jay,

the mgp and me met with pandora. i learned a little bit about savage beast the other night, mostly that they had some tough times, and peeps stuck in there. were you one of the unpaid? and i learned a former co-worker of mine worked there, too. we should talk more about it--i'd love to hear your stories.


Jay Fienberg said...

Ok, I'll definitely tell you more some time!

I never actually worked *for* Savage Beast, but they were providing one of the major components for a product / site I was working on (for another company). So, I was working *with* them on what would have been a very cool product / site had it not bit a bullet of the dot-com crash.