Friday, September 12, 2008

hello, brain

today marked the first day where the fog cleared and the momentum and clarity moved moved moved me forward into a very productive day. whew. i've been home sick all week, and was feeling pretty wussy about it, until today blossomed into a day where it seems i'm caught up on all i may have missed. now, many of my team members have been out with strep and flus and colds, so the bar was lowered, but still. whew. felt nice to actually enjoy the work and the stimulation. hi there. i'm back.

whilst i was a bit googly-eyed, we received a most remarkable email from a new participant to the september project. from guatemala. he exclaimed, "for freedom!" at the end of his inspired post about how his library is marking september, "the month of Freedom and Independence." i liked that quite a bit.

this is pretty rad, too:


jini said...

i'm so glad you are feeling better!!

sarah said...

minor setback today... a little too energetic on a trip to the farmer's market that set me back to bed for a spell.

but i'm confident the heavy rest today will spell improved health for tomorrow.

jini said...

i believe, i believe! you WILL be better tomorrow....just get a good sleep tonight. :)