Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i am not your friend

i'm a rule setter. i like to set boundaries, develop strategies. i usually don't try something new without thinking about it, and so when i decided to sign up for a certain social networking site, i had parameters. 

and i've held to them.

the implications are varied:
1. i don't download applications. i have truckloads of stored up karma, hugs, green patches, and a grab bag of good wishes. i assure you that each gift was heartfelt, i just can't accept them through the vehicle provided.
2. i don't accept friends who aren't friends. this one may be a bit tough for some, but if i don't hang with you, i likely didn't accept your friend request. (however if you read my blog, i'm happy to make an exception. sorry i ignored your request!)
3. i don't offer up much about myself. true, a visitor can cobble together a decent story by reading updates and such, but i keep my profile fairly spare.

i told a friend about the structures i have in place, and she thought we should have recorded my soliloquy for a spoken word. perhaps i'll include it in my profile.

1 comment:

Ivan Chew said...

It may be pretentious for me to say this but: "This is so... you!" LOL