Sunday, April 06, 2008

update on the planters

this week, someone dug out a plant from the blue planter. this act was just plain mean. both david and i were demoralized--who does something like that? and who lives here? who are our neighbors, who believe that stealing plants is ok, or fun, or worth doing? (or is it someone who doesn't live here? why do they come to our street and steal plants?)

almost as soon as it disappeared, david planted a new one in its place:

the current configuration of the planter (as i look at it on sunday morning) includes:
1. one large blue planter with 4 plants, one empty cigarette box, and no tags
2. one medium-sized planter
3. two 8-foot 2x4s, placed near the planter

(the original config included 2 additional planters)

once or twice a week, we throw away the garbage that inevitably appears. the more substantial leavings--furniture, appliances--have stopped. david and a neighbor caught the perp red-handed one day, and he now dumps his stuff across the street (!). incredible.

i'm not against people leaving a "free box" in front of their own pad, but that's just it. this NIMBY attitude that our street is where you dump because the people who live here are poor, or don't care, is unacceptable. it's not lost on me that our old neighborhood--a wealthier, whiter 'hood--is MUCH cleaner.

and that's another, equally complex topic.


jewlee said...

...thanks for keeping us all updated Beark. Maybe someone repotted your plant somewhere least it would be making another spot nice.

sarah said...

yeah, i'd like to think that someone is enjoying it, rather than simply defacing and destroying. the fact that we haven't yet seen any smashed planters or plant refuse on the sidewalk give me hope.

Ivan Chew said...

I guess positive change will come. It's like driving in SF: Lots of "No Left Turns" and then wham, you get a Right One. Hang in there!

sarah said...

thanks, ivan. just yesterday, i met one of our neighbors. she and i talked about the garbage on the sidewalk, which is a positive outcome, i think.