Tuesday, March 25, 2008

madder'n a pet coon

yesterday mom and i met up with my college roommate, her daughter, and her mom in a small town in iowa. at one point, pattie's mom said the title of this post, and i wrote it down so i'd remember it. i love regional colloquialisms, and i'd never heard this before.

we caught up, hung out, and enjoyed each other's company during a nice long lunch at the 2nd nicest restaurant in town. (shown here)

during our chat, i was pleasantly reminded that farmers in the midwest have a different take on politics than those outside the "flyover states" might expect: they're tried and true democrats.

these are the longterm small business owners--land owners--of middle america who have always and will always vote blue.

that's nice to think about, isn't it?

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skabob said...

Iowa is the only blue flyover state in the middle of the country now that Minnesota is purple. It's more of an aberration than the rule.

Just in the way that "fly-over state" Democrats are not the same as CA Dems, New England Dems and Western Dems are different.

I have always joked thusly: You know what a Nebraska Democrat is called anywhere else? A Republican.

The problem with the Democratic Party right now is that their most attractive platform planks are "not Republican" rather than a coherent, positive plan. Hopefully they can tie all those diverse groups (new and old, liberal and not as) together.