Friday, December 14, 2007

i really do live in california

the nights have begun to dip a bit colder, and it seems a good time to stoke our wood stove and enjoy the spoils of a cabin-ish interior. i've looked into getting a mess of wood, but am a bit reluctant to show up on someone's land by myself to get the job done. thus, i procrastinate.

and then on a rare night where i was doing errands in my car, i had a thought (most thoughts in the subaru tend toward tasks more easily completed via vehicle). why not stop by safeway, and get a few bundles of wood to try out in the stove?

the craziness of the parking lot notwithstanding, that safeway didn't have a lick of wood to spare. nothing. not a measly toothpick worth burning up. weird.

and still cold.

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